7 new reasons to visit Oslo in 2020

Want to see Scream with a view? The iconic, new Munch Museum is opening this spring. But that is not the only reason why both art lovers and others should visit Oslo this year – now, you can also go skiing even in the summer, and explore one of the world’s most striking libraries.

2020 is a year for red carpets, evening dresses and champagne – at least in
Oslo[1]. As several projects long in the making are finally getting ready to open their doors to the public, you can hardly pick a more exciting time to visit our capital. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best reasons to book your Oslo ticket right now.

1. The new Munch Museum, Architect: Estudio Herreros

Edvard Munch is one of the world’s most significant artists, and the new, iconic Munch Museum in the city centre provides
evocative, engaging and modern art experiences. The Museum is one of the world’s largest museums dedicated to a single artist. Munch’s art is shown in three permanent exhibitions, which means that many of his 28,000 works are displayed at all times. Temporary shows present works by renowned Norwegian and international artists, as well as innovative contemporary artists. All in all, you’ll be able to walk through eleven exhibition halls on seven of the buildings thirteen floors.

In addition to all the fantastic exhibitions, you can attend concerts, literary readings and other cultural activities and events. The whole family can also create art together in one of the fun art workshops. If you need a break, you can
stop by the restaurant on the 13th floor. Chances are you’ll stay there for quite a while to enjoy both the wonderful food and the spectacular view.

Opens in the spring of 2020[2].

2. Oslo public library Deichman Bjørvika, Architect: Lund Hagem Arkitekter and Atelier Oslo

The country’s many libraries might be the reason why Norwegians read more than any other European nationality, and the new
Oslo Public Library in Bjørkvika definitely makes the list of exceptional Norwegian libraries[3]. The modern building is intended to be a free common area to house conversations, discussions, sharing, and learning – and reading, of course.

Opens in the spring of 2020.

3. Indoor skiing at SNØ, Architect: Halvorsen & Reine

Are you visiting in the summer, but still want to go skiing? Now you can! 20 minutes from the Oslo city centre by train, the indoor skiing arena SNØ has alpine slopes for both experts and beginners, a terrain park, and cross-country tracks for all levels. Oh, and snø means snow, by the way.

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