[PDF] Downturn good for expansion

1 Summertime You must have noticed that our updates of late have been scant, which, in part, pertains to the simple fact…

SummertimeYou must have noticed that our updates of late have been scant, which, in part, pertains to the simple fact that these are lazy days, albeit not for us. Au contraire, we’re busy building new websites and enhancing HSMAI’s European presence in the social media. First off, HSMAI Chapther Norway, whose website is currently under construction, to reappear as an HSMAI.eu clone with national chapter colours and features, shares secretarial functions with HSMAI Europe. Amid preparations prior to the autumn’s big events, the organisation is busy building online relations and networks, with groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, in addition to our Twitter, Flickr and YouTube profiles. We will however try to publish news as they occur. Please notify our editorial staff if you know of any noteworthy news: [email protected][1]

Whilst these time-consuming enterprises take place, we hope you forgive that our website has entered a summer mode, and wish you all a fabulous summer. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc9wIzi96_E

Downturn good for expansion The Polish hospitality magazine Hotel Profit just announced its plans of expansion. From September 2009 it will be available also in English, and published in the entire CEE region. For the last four years this hospitality B2B monthly was focused only on the Polish market, which is reasonably big, in an Eastern Europe scale, but the aim was to create media addressing issues of importance for the entire region, according to a press release issued by the company today. One good example is VAT value, which is now lower than EU stipulated by regulation, and has to be increased during the next few months, which would certainly not help hoteliers in these difficult times. The best example is Lithuania, where the Government increased VAT from five percent to 19, causing serious problems for the domestic hospitality industry. Poland is currently on the same track, and although the Ministry of Treasury declared there will be no change in VAT this year, there is widespread fear for 2010, as the change would be rather big, from current seven percent to 22. Thanks to its partnership with renowned institutions, such as the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research, Hospitality

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