Visit Oslo: Oslo bails out tourists in Europe, offering “A Great Escape”

OSLO–([1])–Over the last couple of years, the Nordic countries have been dubbed
the nucleus of cool, with their characteristic style, feel and lifestyle
even earning its own name; Nordic Cool.

To the majority of travelers, however, Europe is still synonymous with
the often over-crowded cities and destinations further south on the
continent. So the little sister of Nordic Cool, Norwegian capital Oslo,
decided to do something about it.

– “Oslo is emerging as one of the trendiest cities to visit. We have a
bustling cultural scene, interesting architecture, plenty of great bars
and restaurants, as well as closeness to nature. And at the same time,
you don’t feel part of a tourist crowd,” says Christian Lunde, CEO of
Visit Oslo.

– Show don’t tell

Instead of spending huge money on ads and boards, they decided to follow
the motto “show, don’t tell”. Then they started scouring travel sites
and social media for dissatisfied travelers in some of the most tourist
dense destinations of Europe.

– “We came across a young couple from New Zealand visiting Europe for
the first time. They had just arrived in Paris, and were deeply
dissatisfied to find themselves in a baking hot crowd of people,
fighting for a peek at the Mona Lisa,” says Marit Hartmann from Oslo
Brand Alliance.

48 hours in Oslo

Via Instagram, Marela and Sam were invited to jump ship for an
unforgettable 48 hours in Oslo. After being convinced that this was a
real offer and not an internet scam, the Kiwis packed up their bags, and
shortly after they arrived in the Norwegian capital.

– “I don’t think we could have predicted any of the activities that we
have done in Oslo. For us to feel this way after only just 48 hours
here, I think says a lot about what the city has to offer,” says Marela
Glavas after their stay.

The Great Escape is a large-scale collaboration between public and
private stakeholders in Oslo, working together to put the city on the
map internationally.

YouTube-video here:[2]

Here you can download photos of “The great escape to Oslo”:[3]


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